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Arts & Artists

New Hampshire Artist Roster

R.P. Hale
Historical & Interdisciplinary Arts


R.P. Hale is a multigenerational and interdisciplinary artist-craftsman who has taught his skills nationwide since 1976. His expertise includes: he is a concert harpsichordist and hammer dulcimer player, harpsichord/dulcimer maker, master calligrapher and illustrator, pen-and-ink artist, nationally-known wood-engraver, Intaglio and Letterpress printer, wood carver, maker of marbleized papers and fabrics, period re-enactor, linguist, solar and archaeo-astronomer, and historian. In 1999, the Smithsonian Institute recognized R.P. as one of the top musical instrument makers in the U.S., and included his work in their exhibit devoted to these craftsmen. His concerts reflect his wide-ranging musical interests from c.750 B.C. works from China to that of Sir William Herschel of the 1790s. Born to a Sonoran Mexican family of artists and printers, his programs “La História Cultural de México,” “El Calendro Azteca,” and “Astronomy, Math. Calendars, and Histories of the Maya,” respectively feature the history of Mexico as seen through the arts and traditional lore. R.P. received a Fellowship from the State Arts Council and in 2000 was invited to present his multi-faceted traditions at the Celebrate New Hampshire festival. He performs solo and is in heavy demand by ensembles for his improvised accompaniment skills at the harpsichord and organ. R.P. teaches—and wood-carves—at St. Paul's School and is Senior Educator at the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, specializing in spectroscopy, star evolution, mathematics, physics, astronomy history and archaeoastronomy, and has built a spectroscopy/optics teaching lab there. He taught summers at the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins WV for 33 years, in all the arts he is involved in, and is visiting faculty in art (printmaking, drawing, calligraphy) and astronomy at Davis and Elkins College.

Programs offered: Lecture-demonstrations; workshops; master classes; residencies; living history programs and re-enactments of Leonardo DaVinci, Galileo Galilei, Sir William Herschel, and J.S. Bach; “Qui Es in Coelis: Music of Astronomy,” “History of Astronomy in Art,” “Maya and Aztec Cultures,” “Mesoamerican Art in Archaeoastronomy,” and “The Art and Science of Light and Color.” Printmaking sessions include linoleum-block, Intaglio, monoprint, wood engraving; paper-marbling, and hand-set type. Calligraphy includes Intro to Italic, Intro to 18th-Century Quill-Pen Writing, and other hands, illumination, design and applications. His programs integrate with history, sciences, mathematics, and languages.

Populations served: Grades 4 – 12: Calligraphy, Quill-Pen writing and drawing, Music, Drawing, Aztec/Maya Cultures Grades 6 – 12: Art and Science of Light and Color (+ applications to all art fields except music), Paper Marbling Grades 7 – 12: Printmaking – Linoleum-block Grades 9 – 12: Printmaking – Linoleum-block, monoprint, intro to wood engraving, handset type, Letterpress Printing; Advanced topics in Aztec/Maya Cultures including math

Availability: Statewide, year round

Fees: $500-$3,200; Workshops and Master Classes: $500-$1,000; Re-enactment Presentations: $350-$1,500

Contact Information:
59 Penacook St
Concord, NH 03301-
Phone: 603/225-7516
Alt. Phone: 603/225-7516

Notes: Alternate Contact:Holly Outwin-Tepe, 741 Upper Straw Rd., Hopkinton, NH 03229, 603/225-2438, e-mail: R.P. Hale appears on the New Hampshire Artist Roster and the Traditional Arts & Folklife Listing.

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