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Arts & Artists

New Hampshire Traditional Arts & Folklife Listing

Kung-Tai Tsay
Chinese Knot Tying & Chinese Dance

Kung Tai Tsay is both a talented crafts person and accomplished dancer. In her craft work, she specializes in the intricate art of Chinese knot tying. In Chinese tradition, ornamental knots tied with colorful cordage and tassels often adorn wall plaques, scroll weights, and other items. Kung Tai has been tying ornamental knots for many years and is expert in a variety of styles. Kung Tai has been involved with Chinese dance since the early 1990s when she began to study with Chinese dance masters in the Boston area. In 1999, Kung Tai was invited to represent New Hampshire at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and she also demonstrated at the expanded recreation Celebrate New Hampshire festival held in 2000 in Hopkinton, N.H. In 2008, she received a Traditional Arts Apprenticeship grant to study classical Chinese dance with master dancer Chu Ling. Kung Tai Tsay is founder of the LeeRen Dance Troupe, a non profit organization dedicated to using dance as a means of communication across different cultures.

Preferred activities and age groups: Demonstrations, performances, and workshops at community locations such as libraries, historic societies, fairs, festivals, and museums for all ages.

Availability: Statewide year round.


Contact Information:
11 Shadowbrook Dr
Nashua, NH 03062
Phone: 603/889-5885
Fax: 603/386-6327
Alt. Phone: 603/888-9909


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